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“Best watch!

It’s simple enough to use yet the features are many and not complicated to figure out.

I love that it will sync to my iPhone so I don’t have to plug it into my computer.  I bought the heart rate chest strap and I love that added accessory too.

One of the great features it has is you can program it to alert family and friends through their email to show you where you are and gives them a very detailed and graphic mapping of statistics.

I recently ran in a half marathon and my sister was able to follow me the entire way and she could see how fast I was running and my cadence. Pretty awesome too if you were going somewhere and wanted somebody to know where you were at all times.

I can’t say enough. I love this watch!!!”

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Colorful Running Companion with Connected Features

GPS running watch with high-resolution color display Tracks distance, pace and heart rate¹ Identifies personal records Connected features²: automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, social media sharing Compatible with free training plans from Garmin Connect Forerunner 220

Just like a coach, Forerunner 220 provides the motivating feedback you need to guide your training. You can even get post-run encouragement from friends and fans, thanks to the 220’s connected features like real-time live tracking and social media sharing via the Garmin Connect Mobile app.


A Coach in Every Watch

Forerunner 220 measures essential running data including distance, pace and heart rate¹. It’s like having a coach on hand, providing constant feedback and recording all your stats so you can focus on your run. In addition to using GPS to calculate distance and pace, the 220 has a built-in accelerometer. So you know distance and pace data when you’re running on an indoor track or treadmill, with no need for a separate foot pod. The accelerometer can also track distance when GPS is unavailable, such as when you run through a tunnel. It’s compatible with free training plans from Garmin Connect, which you can schedule and send to your watch, for real-time coaching.

Easy to Use

The 220 has a color display, which makes it easy to interpret your data at a glance. It also features simple button operations and a sturdy, hinged wristband that’s comfortable for any size wrist.


Extra Training Features

You can set up alerts for heart rate, pace or run/walk intervals to help you stay in the desired range. The 220 features vibration alerts and audible alerts, and you can customize it to provide both or just one type of prompt. When your run’s done and saved in your watch’s history, a post-run summary appears so you can see how you did. The 220 also notices if you hit any personal records on that run, such as your fastest mile, 5k, 10k, half or full marathon, or your longest run to date.
Get Connected

Get Connected

Forerunner 220 automatically uploads your data to Garmin Connect even when you can’t get to a computer. Get the free Garmin Connect Mobile app on your smartphone and then pair it with your watch. When you save your completed run, it will automatically upload to Garmin Connect when you’re in range of your phone.

It also features live tracking, which allows your friends and fans to follow along and see your stats in real time. You must have your phone paired with the 220 throughout your run to use LiveTrack.

You can also share your victories through social media with the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

And, for real-time coaching as you run, the 220 is compatible with free training plans at Garmin Connect. By regularly connecting your watch to Garmin Connect, you’ll also benefit from a faster GPS fix due to satellite data that will be sent to your device automatically.

Get ConnectedAdvanced GPS running watch with a high-resolution color display and comfortable, lightweight design.

Simply an awesome GPS watch for women!

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Garmin ForeRunner 220 GPS Watch for Women – Q&A


Q.  Can people find you or track your route as you run with this GPS watch?

A.  Yes, just enter the email addresses of those you want to be able to watch.


Q.  Can you download your run and then upload it to MapMyRun?

A.  Yes, Garmin MapMyRun support almost all Garmin GPS Watches.


Q.  I see there is a “bundle” offered for this GPS watch –  What’s the difference?

A.  The bundle for this GPS watch comes with a heart rate monitor.


Q.  Can you manually track laps or is it an auto-lap type of set up?

A.  Just tap the lap button whenever you want to manually track your laps.


Q.  Is this GPS watch waterproof?

A.  They don’t advertise it as being waterproof, but running in the rain etc causes no issues.  Probably best to not immerse it in water tho like when swimming.


Q.  Can the alerts be programed for intervals?

A.  Yes, it absolutely can do this.  You can set up to sprint for a minute then jog for 4 minutes… can even program for a warm up and cool down period.


Q.  Is this GPS watch compatible with all types of smart phones?

A.  Yes, sure is!


Q.  Can i get this GPS watch to alert me or vibrate each time I’ve run a mile?

A.  Yes, you can choose whatever type of alert you want for whatever interval or distance you want.


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